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Muerte Injusta en Las Vegas - Incrementan las Muertes de Peatones en el 2017

Las muertes de peatones representan un tercio de todas las muertes relacionadas con la carretera en el 2017. Las estadísticas muestran que de 303 muertes relacionadas con la carretera, 99 de ellas fueron muertes de peatones. Una estadística que aumentó dramáticamente en 2017.

Nevada Civil Sexual Assault Lawyers - What is Sexual Assault?

Sexual Assault occurs when there is when someone puts you in fear of immediate, harmful, offensive and sexual contact of your body. This can be done by their actions and their words. In this digital age, it can even be done through social media or text messaging. Emotional Damage
Many victims of sexual assault never can get the resolution they want or need through the criminal system, so often times they have to turn to the civil system. One of the main areas of damages in cases such as these are emotional. The emotional damage that is done can be permanent and extreme in many cases. The only way to find out is to seek the help and advice of a professional such as a Psychologist.


El Titulo VII de la Ley de Derechos Civiles de 1964 rige lo que debe hacerse en casos de Acoso Sexual. El Titulo VII sólo se aplica a empresas con 15 o más empleados en su nómina. Si usted cree que está siendo acosado (a) sexualmente y su empresa tiene más de 15 empleados, usted puede aplicar para hacer una demanda. Por favor, siga leyendo.


Los accidentes automovilísticos son momentos muy agitados. Sacuden todo su cuerpo y lo dejan incapaz de responder o reaccionar. A pesar de ser estresantes, impactantes y aterradores, es posible prepararse para estas situaciones y seguir un protocolo para asegurarse de mantener a todos tan seguros como sea posible. Por esta razón es esencial que mantenga sus pensamientos acordes y actué conscientemente, especialmente si tiene pasajeros en el coche. A continuación se muestra nuestra guía paso a paso en un caso de accidente automovilístico.

Common Mistakes at the Scene of a Crash

You're driving down the road one-day, regular traffic conditions for 5:00pm, as you approach an intersection, the driver next to you swerves into your lane, you try and hit your brakes, but there's no time, he hits the side of your vehicle, pushes you into another lane where your narrowly miss being struck by the onslaught of traffic. After your vehicle comes to a stop and you compose yourself, you pull to the side of the road. The other driver apologizes profusely, you look at your car, there's damage to the door, but your car is still operational. The other driver kindly offers to exchange insurance cards, and even give you a picture of his ID. He then says if you call the police, they'll take an hour or two to get here, he tells you, "let's just work this out and be on our separate ways." You agree.

Nevada Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyers - What is Pregnancy Discrimination?

Pregnancy discrimination falls under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Essentially, and employer may never treat a woman differently from other employees based on the fact that she is pregnant. Nevada Pregnant Workers Fairness Act
This Nevada senate bill was signed into law by Governor Sandoval in 2017 and grants Pregnant workers the right to request "Reasonable Accommodation" relating to pregnancy, childbirth or a related medical condition. It requires the employer to engage in a "good faith and interactive process". In order to trigger this interactive process the pregnant employee MUST make the request for the reasonable accommodation.

Las Vegas Top Injury Lawyers - Does Your Immigration Status Affect Your Lawsuit?

Many car crashes in Nevada (and across America) involve undocumented immigrants. This usually puts those immigrants in fear of engaging a lawyer or filing a lawsuit for fear of deportation. A common question I get is "If I sue, and the insurance company finds out that I am illegal, won't they deport me?" The simple answer is that it is against the rules. It is not relevant to your case and they SHOULD leave it alone. The practical answer is that some insurance companies are so evil that they may stoop to that tactic, but personally, in over ten years of practice, I have yet to see it.Plaintiff's Immigration Status is Irrelevant
In Nevada we are able to file Motions In Limine which essentially ask the Judge (prior to trial) to keep Insurance Defense Counsel from mentioning anything regarding our Client's immigration status because it is irrelevant to the facts of the case. This motion has typically been upheld throughout the State Courts of Nevada barring certain extreme circumstances.

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