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Why Choose Us?

Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers - Why Choose Us? In 2015 our law firm has hit a tipping point. Not only have we recovered millions of dollars for our clients, we have been recognized nationally by our peers for high level of excellence achieved through diligence and...

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Small Claims Court Advice – Las Vegas

Not every lawsuit case needs to be handled by an Attorney. In fact, small claims are not even worth being handled by a Lawyer. Especially if your case is only worth $7,500.00 or less, it is quite possible that you could end up spending that much on an Attorney to...

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Las Vegas Small Business Legal Attorneys

America was built on enterprising people who chose to go off on their own and start their own small businesses. Most of these small business owners lead successful businesses and make a good living. Most of the time things are going well and no issues occur. However,...

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