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Criminal Defense

DUI Defense in Nevada

Driving Under the Influence ( DUI) is a misdemeanor crime in most cases. However, in some instances, a DUI can be treated as a Felony here in Nevada. When dealing with defense of a DUI it is important to know the levels and distinctions between DUIs at both the...

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Driving Under the Influence DUI

DUI charges can have long lasting effects on the individuals charged. In addition to having a negative effect on your driving record they can impact your livelihood and damage personal and professional relationships. DUI convictions carry a series of strictly enforced...

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Nevada DUI and Drunk Driving Laws

DUI and drunk driving laws in Nevada carry penalties of license suspension, fines, community service and DUI School starting with a first offense. The laws are strict and penalties are severe for the protection of all citizens. The following is some basic information...

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Nevada DUI and Drunk Driving

DUI and Drunk Driving Laws carry stiff penalties in Nevada.Drunk driving and DUI laws in Nevada carry stiff penalties including mandatory jail sentences, fines and fees, license revocation, and community service.Nevada drunk driving laws prohibit drivers from getting...

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