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Discrimination in the Work Place

Discrimination is not as clear cut as it is in the movies. In the movies you have clearly racist bigots who use slurs and demean their employees. However, in the real world, discrimination is not so simple. These days Discrimination can be in the application of how you are treated at the work place.

If you are treated differently from those similarly situated in your position then it is possible that your employer could be discriminating against you. A clear example of this would be if you were the only Asian American working at a car wash and your supervisor has you cleaning the bathrooms all the time. None of the other employees who are in your position have to clean the bathroom, but your supervisor always assigns it to you.

No that example by itself is not clear discrimination but it is certainly an indicator that you may be suffering from Discrimination in the Work Place.

If this is happening, it is essential that you report these actions to Human Resources. If there is no Human Resources at your company then find another supervisor.

If you report Discrimination in the Work Place and in response your company terminates you, then it is possible to add a Retaliation claim to your Discrimination lawsuit.