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Protecting Your Job From Retaliation

If you are suffering sexual harassment at your job, you may be afraid to speak out because you are worried about workplace retaliation. Federal and state laws ban this type of discrimination and protect victims from getting fired, passed over for a promotion or demoted after victims speak publicly about the act.

To receive protection in Nevada, however, you need to file your complaint. When your harasser has harmed you physically, emotionally or mentally, you may be concerned about taking this step. Having a legal ally can support you and guide you through this stressful time.

At Ace Law Group, our dedicated attorneys have helped employees throughout Las Vegas in their fight against workplace injustices, including sexual harassment cases. We have represented workers who are employed in a variety of fields, including the casino, restaurant and hospitality industry. We have the legal background to develop strategies to prove harassment and protect your rights.

You may believe that you are not in a position of power to take action. Contact us to learn how we can hold your aggressor responsible and receive compensation for your trauma, like many of our clients.

Take These Steps To Build A Case Before You Notify Your Employer

  1. Record threats made if you reject harassment or offers made in exchange for sexual favors. Include witnesses, and the time, place and date of the event.
  2. Record evidence of a hostile environment. This information could include negative statements about how one gender is inferior or conversation that is sexual in nature.
  3. Secure your notes away from your workplace. Don’t store this documentation where your employer or co-workers can read it and tamper with it.
  4. Save emails, texts or gifts as evidence. If you are afraid of printing messages at work, take screen shots of them and print them off-site.
  5. Talk to a skilled lawyer to discuss your options.

During your free consultation, we will review your case and explain the possible outcomes of taking legal action. In Nevada, there is a limited time allowed to file sexual harassment claims.

Don’t Let Time Run Out On Your Harassment Suit. Reach Us Today.

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