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$1.499M Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Verdict

The president of a corporation sexually harassed our client for two and a half years. After she reported the harassment, the company began retaliating, called her a liar, and ultimately fired her. The corporation also failed to have proper training, policies, and investigation procedures to protect her. This ultimately resulted in a two-week jury trial resulting in a $1.499 million dollar jury verdict in our client’s favor. 

Combatting Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Our Las Vegas sexual harassment attorneys provide alternative options to victims of sexual harassment in the workplace or at college. We help victims take the opportunity to bring instances of harassment to light and hold their aggressors accountable for their wrongful actions.

With decades of experience, our firm specializes in supporting victims of sexual harassment in their pursuit of justice. We offer clients:

  1. Compassionate Representation:
    • We prioritize our clients’ privacy, providing a supportive environment for those uncertain about coming forward as victims of harassment.
  2. Objective Legal Advice:
    • Our team offers an impartial evaluation of your evidence and chances of success, empowering you to make well-informed legal decisions. We also discuss strategies for assessing damages.
  3. Cutting-Edge Legal Knowledge:
    • Proficient in sexual harassment law, including Title VII, Title IX, and relevant Nevada statutes, we stay abreast of recent case law changes that may impact your rights.
  4. Effective Advocacy:
    • Whether taking legal action against an employer or school, our sexual harassment lawyers skillfully advance your interests. We have a track record of negotiating settlements and representing clients in hearings.

To assist you in determining if we are the right fit for your needs, we offer complimentary consultations to discuss your specific situation.

Work With Ace Law Group On Your Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Laws in Nevada impose time constraints on filing civil lawsuits related to sexual harassment. Initiate the path toward a fair resolution by contacting our firm for a complimentary initial consultation. Reach out to us via phone at (702) 333-4223 or send us a message online to learn what your legal options are.