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Understaffing at casinos can lead to patron injuries

The hospitality industry in Las Vegas and elsewhere has taken a real hit in recent years. While demand remains consistent and has increased in many sectors within the last year, proper staffing levels have never been harder for companies to achieve. Casinos, restaurants, bars and hotels, report consistently having trouble finding reliable, competent employees to help operate their gaming floors and maintain their facilities.

Without enough staff to run everything, some businesses have had to limit what services they offer. Others simply cut corners regarding their standards, especially when it comes to cleaning. Understaffing has become the new normal even in higher-end facilities. Casinos tend to operate as usual, even when they don’t have enough workers to fully staff every shift. Unfortunately, understaffing can eventually lead to patrons getting hurt.

Workers who are spread thin can’t properly maintain a space

If employees can barely keep the facilities operating, they may not have time to proactively monitor spaces and keep them clean. Additionally, burnout is a real concern for someone constantly doing extra work because there aren’t enough people at their place of employment to share in the job tasks. Workers may not notice or may not move quickly to address spills, torn carpet and other tripping or slipping hazards.

It only takes a few moments for someone to spill their drink and another patron to end up injured as a result. If casinos don’t have enough workers on hand to serve their patrons and also keep spaces clean, all kinds of basic sanitation and maintenance issues may go without proper attention. Patrons could then end up slipping and falling, a situation that could lead to personal injury.

Understaffing could lead to negligence claims

Most people recognize that a spill left uncleaned could result in someone falling and getting hurt. It is easy for people to understand the relationship between a company’s staffing practices and the likelihood of patrons suffering injuries.

It may be possible for someone who gets hurt because of inadequate cleaning at a casino to pursue an insurance claim or possibly even a civil lawsuit. Holding a casino accountable for slip-and-fall injuries with the assistance of a knowledgeable legal professional can help people recover medical costs and other losses caused by negligent business practices.