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Nevada Sexual Harassment Cases – Three Ways To Protect Yourself

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2018 | Sexual Harassment |

Sexual harassment cases are being reported nowadays more than ever. Nothing has changed over the past few decades indicating that there is more harassment now. The difference is that the times have changed and more victims are being empowered to come forward and not remain silent.

Still, sexual harassment claims are not easy. Many people fear to bring these claims forward until after something happens at work or they have quit or been terminated. This is not uncommon, but I want to give you three ways you can protect yourself in the meantime.

  • Be sure to keep a detailed written journal of everything that happens. Every incident, the date and time, and any witnesses that may have been present for the incident. Keeping a written journal for yourself will ensure that you can keep a detailed log not only for a potential lawsuit, but also for Human Resources when the day comes that you know you must report this behavior.
  • Report the offensive behavior. Human Resources are supposed to work for you. The Employee. It is also imperative that you report this offensive behavior to your company so that they have a chance to rectify the issue. If they fail to properly investigate or fix the offensive behaviors than they have failed you and every other victim who has walked in your shoes through their company.
  • Consult with an attorney. Meet with a lawyer, begin a conversation. Even if it is not time to hire a lawyer they can give you this type of advice and more on how to protect yourself through out the process. A lawyer can help guide you through these tough times and meet with you in complete confidence. All attorney-client meetings (even when that attorney is not officially retained by you yet) is protected under attorney-client privilege.

Sexual harassment in the work place can be an incredibly difficult time. We can help.