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Elder Abuse in Las Vegas

Elder Abuse and Neglect cases are common in Las Vegas, Nevada. Nursing homes and Home Care facilities owe a special duty to their patients to ensure that no harm or abuse comes to them. When you put a loved one in a nursing home, it is your right to know that you have done so with the understanding that they have a heightened duty to care for your family.

Nevada Revised Statute 41A.015 states that if elder abuse is proven in a case by your Attorney, then you are entitled to Double Damages and Attorneys’ fees and costs. Nevada law recognizes that the injury and death of older, vulnerable people in cases where professionals’ negligence come in to play should be held to a higher standard than regular negligence/injury cases.

Because the law holds professional facilities to higher standard, the legal aspect of these types of cases can get very complicated. Our Trial Lawyers here in Nevada have handled numerous Elder Abuse and Nursing Home Neglect cases with extremely favorable outcomes. Let our law firm firm fight for you and your loved ones, call for a free consultation today.