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Fighting Insurance Companies Over Personal Injury Claims

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2011 | Personal Injury |

We need insurance whether it’s health, property, auto or personal injury insurance. There is no getting past that in this day and age. Insurance is there in case something bad happens and you need your insurance company to cover whatever costs associated with the damages or injuries sustained. Whether it is a car accident, medical issues, or your home being burglarized, there is insurance to cover all these things.

The problem though comes when you actually need to file the claim. Insurance companies have “Risk Management” people or Claims Adjusters who’s sole job is to review your claim. They will look at your claim from every angle possible, if you are claiming medical damages they review the medical records to make sure that every dime spent was associated with your injury and falls under your coverage. Truly, they bring your whole claim under a microscope and go over every detail to ensure that any monies they pay out falls under your coverage.

In truth, insurance companies have teams of claims adjusters, lawyers, and experts who’s sole job is to get you the least money possible. This is where any attorney can come in. An attorney can turn the tables on an insurance company and bring their own scrutiny under the microscope. Some of the most feared litigation an insurance company can face is a Complaint for Bad Faith. Bad Faith is when your insurance company uses illegal and/or false tactics to keep from paying you any money.

*Ace Law Group has a litigation department with dedicated attorneys to fight insurance companies. If you or a loved one has any issues in this arena, please contact our office today for a free consultation.