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Nevada Wrongful Termination/Discrimination Issues

Nevada is an incredibly difficult state to practice “employee-side Employment Law” due to the Right-to-Work laws that Nevada already has in place. As such, employees who may have had a good Wrongful Termination case, tend to run into problems by failing to do some simple things.

Reporting Misconduct
One of the number one issues that our clients run into is that they never reported the discriminatory behavior to Human Resources or Management. The idea behind reporting is simple: How can you expect to hold a company liable for their employee’s discriminatory actions towards you if you never alerted them to it?

Regardless of the situation, if you wish to pursue a discrimination lawsuit against your Employer you need to make sure that you reported the discriminatory behavior. Make sure that the discrimination is clear and in writing.

Filing A Charge Of Discrimination
If you are being discriminated against you should go to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and file a Charge of Discrimination against your Employer. Discriminatory acts are time sensitive so the sooner you go and make this report the better.