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Denied your unemployment, so now what?

This declining economy has left many people in darkness and bewilderment especially when your employer terminates you and then subsequently denies your unemployment benefits. YOU can successfully appeal your denial of unemployment benefits.

STEP 1: First, you will receive a determination decision letter from DETR. This letter provides a summary of facts and legal reasons for your denial. Pay attention to YOUR APPEAL RIGHTS. You have a certain date to appeal this decision by, if you miss this date you are no longer eligible to appeal.

STEP 2: MAIL an appeal letter by the “last appeal date” If you need an extension call the appeals office and request an extension.

STEP 3: The most frequent reason a person is denied unemployment is because of misconduct. While this is a hard burden to overcome, it is not impossible.

STEP 4: You will receive a hearing date. You attend the hearing where the hearing officer will take your testimony. Just reiterate the points you put in your appeal letter focusing on the fact that your actions do not rise to a level of misconduct. The hearing ends and you wait for a final determination in the mail.

STEP 5: If the final determination does not reinstate your unemployment benefits, you still have the option for Petition of Judicial Review with the Court.

ACE LAW GROUP can assist with your unemployment appeal for as low as $500.00. Bearing in mind every situation is unique, for further information, drop by for a consult…

Erica D. Loyd, Esq.