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Happy Holidays from Ace Law Group

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With 2012 almost in the rear view mirror and New Years around the corner, people tend to become introspective and think about the good and the bad from the past year. 2012 has also been publicized to be the Mayan end of the world because their calendar ends on December 21, 2012. The things that have happened this year have certainly pointed to the fact that maybe this end of the world scenario would come true.

But, with all the awful things that has happened in the world this year, I am heartened by the strong spirit of humanity. Here are just some of the few things that have filled me with awe:

-Hurricane Sandy devastates the East Coast. An immediate response is taken by Americans, a call to arms, where many people came to the aid of those who have had their homes destroyed and lives ruined.

-Malala Yousafzai, a 15 year old Pakistani girl is shot by the Taliban because of her anti-Taliban statements and pro-education and child advocacy. This occurs on October 9, 2012 and Malala manages to survive. Many would not blame her if she retired her causes at an early age, however, in response Malala re-affirms her anti-Taliban stance and insists that people photograph her holding a book to show that she has not given up.

-Newtown, Connecticut experiences a deadly school shooting ending with 26 victims. Out of this horror comes stories of such heroism that it brings tears to my eyes as I read them. Upon hearing the shots from the gunman, the Principal and School Counselor run TOWARDS the sounds to try and stop the gunman. Teachers hiding students and being shot down in the process. Teachers shielding students from gun fire with their own bodies.

All these acts of love and sacrifice tell me that despite all the awfulness that happened in 2012, that we are all going to be okay in 2013.

Happy Holidays,

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