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Loan Modification Lawyer in Las Vegas: Save Your Home!

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Unfortunately for the reputable law firms in town who endeavor to help clients with Loan Modifications, over the years there have been a number of companies who have engaged in fraudulent loan modification practices. This makes it more difficult for the public to trust any entity that does loan modifications, let alone a law firm engaging in the practice.

However, here we can tell you that we have done many Loan Modifications, countless Foreclosure Mediations, and negotiated Short Sales successfully. Or in short, you can trust us to give you a fair assessment of your situation.

The loam modification process is not an easy one. The Lenders are difficult to deal with, and you will often find that different departments in the company will not know what the other department is doing. It is easy for your paperwork to get lost in the shuffle… even with experienced attorneys helping. That is why we make it our standard practice to make weekly follow up calls for every client’s loan modification case. This ensures that documents will not slip through the cracks and Lenders will be unable to say they “never received it”.

There are different avenues with which we can travel down in order to try and save your home. First, there is the standard Loan Modification. Our office does a free consultation with you to see if your financials meet any federal or Lender guidelines for a Loan Modification. Then, we put the paper work together in an effort to modify your home loan.

Next, if a notice of default is already filed on your home, the State of Nevada allows Homeowners to elect for a mandatory, in person, mediation with the Lender. This means that you, our firm, the Lender, and a state certified Mediator sit down to discuss your options to modify your loan. This is always much more fruitful than speaking with a processor over the phone.

Finally, if it looks as if your home cannot be saved, our office can assist with the Short Sale process. The Short Sale process is infinitely more preferable to Foreclosure and comes off your credit report much sooner. Also, if done right, our firm can ensure that the Lender does not come after you for the remaining balance on your loan.

Many of the professionals at Ace Law Group have families and are homeowners. We understand how important it is for you to save your home, or atleast have a law firm in your corner that will do everything they can to save it.