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Truck/Semi Truck Blind Spots and Their Dangers

When carrying the maximum amount of cargo in Nevada, a tractor trailer can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. The typical eighteen wheeler is also approximately 72 feet long. Even with modern designs, large commercial trucks have large blind spots. These blind spots are sometimes referred to as “no-go zones” as they are inherently dangerous to other motorists. Here, our Las Vegas semi-truck accident attorney explains the most important things to know about large commercial trucks, blind spots, and their dangers. 

What is a Blind Spot (Large Commercial Truck)?

A blind spot for a commercial truck is an area around the vehicle that the driver cannot see through the mirrors from the driver’s seat. These blind spots—known as “no-zones”—are located in front of the truck, behind the trailer, and on both sides of the vehicle. Blind spots for a large commercial truck are larger on the right side of the trailer, as the driver’s visibility is more restricted.

Drivers Should Practice Extra Care Around Truck’s Blind Spots

As explained by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), semi-trucks have large blind spots and these blind spots are exceptionally hazardous. For this reason, drivers should practice extra caution around a truck’s blind spots due to the limited visibility these areas present for truck drivers. Staying out of these zones, especially when a truck is turning or changing lanes, can significantly reduce the risk of accidents. Here are four specific tips from the FMCSA: 

  1. Stay Out of the Blind Spots: First and foremost, all drivers in Las Vegas should remain vigilant of the areas around a large truck’s blind spots. If you are in an area where the trucker might not see you, you should get out of that zone. Do not assume that a trucker sees you if you are in or around a blind spot. 
  2. Pass Safely, But Prompt: When overtaking a truck, do so quickly and efficiently to minimize the time spent in the truck’s side blind spots. Of course, you still need to be sure to be safe when passing a truck. Always use your turn signals and ensure you can see the truck’s mirrors before pulling back into the lane. 
  3. Never Tailgate a Big Rig: There is a blind spot directly behind a commercial truck’s trailer. With this in mind, following too closely behind a truck can place you in a dangerous blind spot and reduce your reaction time if the truck stops suddenly. You should maintain a generous following distance to ensure you have ample space to stop safely.
  4. Do Not “Cut Off” a Truck: Avoid suddenly cutting in front of a truck as they require much more distance to come to a stop compared to smaller vehicles. You should always ensure there is ample space when merging in front of a truck. Signal early to give the trucker sufficiently time to adjust his or her speed. 

A Trucker is Always Responsible for Managing its Blind Spots

As a driver, you should proactively avoid an eighteen-wheeler’s blind spots in order to protect your health and safety. With that being said, a trucker is always responsible for managing blind spots. That another vehicle is within a truck’s blind spot does not alleviate a truck’s responsibility for operating in a safe manner. Indeed, truckers must know what is in their blind spots. They need to anticipate risks. If a crash happens, a trucker can be held liable for colliding with a vehicle that was in a blind spot. These accidents require a thorough investigation. 

We Help Truck Accident Victims Navigate Blind Spot Accidents

Semi-truck accident claims are complicated. It can be extremely challenging for victims to secure the full and fair financial compensation that they deserve—especially after a serious crash. At Ace Law Group, we go above and beyond to help our clients secure the maximum compensation. With a proven track record of verdicts and settlements, we help injured victims in tractor trailer blind spot accident claims fight for the greatest possible financial recovery, including for vehicle repairs, medical expenses, loss of wages, and pain and suffering. 

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