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Rental, Leased, and Borrowed Cars in Accident Claims

Car crashes happen on a daily basis and they are a risk that every person needs to be prepared for. According to the most recent data from the Nevada Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety, approximately 300 people are killed and tens of thousands more are injured in motor vehicle collisions in our state each year. 

A collision could happen when you least expect it—including when you are driving a rented, leased, or borrowed vehicle. Navigating the aftermath of a crash can be especially complicated in these types of cases. Within this blog post, our Las Vegas car accident attorney provides a comprehensive guide to claims involving rented, leased, and borrowed cars in Nevada. Injured in an accident while renting, leasing, or borrowing a vehicle? Contact our firm today at (702) 333-4223.

The Standard Car Accident Liability Laws Still Apply to All Types of Claims

In Nevada, the fundamental principles of car accident liability apply universally, whether a vehicle is rented, leased, or borrowed. These standard laws mandate that the person at fault for causing the accident is responsible for compensating any damages incurred. Here are key things to know: 

  • An injury crash should always be reported to law enforcement; 
  • The fault-based standard of liability always applies; and
  • There is a two-year statute of limitations for car accident injury claims. 

An Overview of Rental Car Accident Claims in Nevada

Accidents in a rental car can happen. Here is what makes a rental vehicle accident claim in Las Vegas different: 

  • Must Notify Rental Car Company: To start, it is crucial to notify the rental car company immediately after an accident. Doing so not only complies with the rental agreement but also activates any relevant insurance policies provided by the company. 
  • Rental Car Insurance Adds a Lawyer Complexity: Dealing with rental car insurance can add a layer of complexity. Many renters opt for additional insurance through the rental company, which may overlap with their personal auto insurance or credit card benefits. You need to understand your rental insurance coverage. 

An Overview of Leased Vehicle Accident Claims in Nevada

Crashes in a leased vehicle can happen. Here is what makes a leased vehicle accident claim in Las Vegas different: 

  • Must Notify Auto Dealer of Crash: First and foremost, you must notify the auto dealer or leasing company of the crash as soon as possible. Notification is typically mandated by your lease agreement and is crucial for processing your claim.
  • Your Lease Agreement is Key: Beyond that, your lease agreement itself is extremely important. It is the legal document that outlines the responsibilities and obligations of both parties in the event of an accident. You will generally find language regarding insurance requirements, the condition of the vehicle upon return, and car accident damage. 

An Overview of Borrowed Car Accident Claims in Nevada

Collisions while in a borrowed car can happen. Here is what makes a borrowed vehicle accident claim in Las Vegas different: 

  • Must Notify Car Owner: To start, after a crash in a vehicle that you are borrowing with permission, it is imperative to notify the car owner immediately. By informing the owner, you allow them to assess the situation and contact their insurance provider.
  • Car Owner Liability Policy Likely Applies: In most cases, the car owner’s liability insurance policy will be the primary coverage for the accident. This means that any claims for damages or injuries are likely to be handled through the owner’s insurance, assuming the driver had permission to use the vehicle. In Nevada, auto liability coverage generally runs with the vehicle itself. It applies as long as the borrower had permission. 

We Help Injured Victims Navigate the Most Complex of Claims 

Handling the aftermath of a wreck is never easy. It can be even more challenging if you are involved in a crash while driving a car that you do not own—such as a rental vehicle, leased vehicle, or borrowed vehicle. At Ace Law Group, we are strong advocates for justice. With a history of verdicts and settlements, our Las Vegas auto accident attorneys go above and beyond to help victims secure the maximum compensation, including for medical care, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 

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