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DMV Test For Seniors Over 70 in Nevada

Are senior drivers less capable? The short answer is “it depends.” As explained by the National Safety Council (NSC), the data shows that senior drivers are slightly more likely to be involved in a crash on a per-vehicle-mile driven basis than drivers in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. However, seniors are far less likely to end up in a crash than are teenage drivers. 

The reality is that every driver is different. Aging can potentially reduce driving ability. With that in mind, Nevada requires motorists who are 71 years of age and older to take a test to confirm that they can still drive safely. Here, our Las Vegas auto accident attorney provides a detailed overview of the DMV test for seniors who are older than 70 years of age and in Nevada. 

Background: No Maximum Age Limit for a Driver’s License in Nevada

First and foremost, it is important to clarify that there is no maximum age limit for a driver’s license in Nevada. Older drivers—in their 70’s, 80’s, or even 90’s—can possess a fully unrestricted license. Senior citizens are granted the full freedom to drive as long as they meet the standard requirements set by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Actual driving ability matters, including: 

  • Vision; 
  • Physical skills; and
  • Cognitive capacity. 

Nevada Requires a Four-Year License Renewal for Seniors (65 and Older)

For drivers aged 65 and older, Nevada mandates a more frequent renewal cycle for a driver’s license. Instead of the standard eight-year renewal—which is how it works for non-seniors—all driver’s who are 65 years of age and older must renew their driver’s licenses every four years. The shorter cycle helps ensure that senior drivers maintain the ability to operate a vehicle safely. 

No Online Driver’s License Renewal for 71+ in Nevada (DMV Test Required)

Drivers who are 71 years old or older cannot renew their driver’s licenses online in Nevada. Instead, they must renew their driver’s license in person. When doing so, they will be required to pass a vision test. A motorist who is 71 or older must prove that they have adequate vision to drive safely. For older drivers, a vision test is required during each four-year renewal period. 

Note: Older drivers are not automatically required to take any other DMV tests by law. Indeed, this means that a 71 year old (or older) driver does not always need to take a written test or a road skills test. These tests are not mandatory simply based on age alone. 

Family and Police May Seek to Get a Senior Driver Re-Evaluated 

To be clear, there are some cases in which a senior citizen may be required to take a written test and/or road test to keep (or reinstate) their license. Indeed, both concerned family members and police officers can initiate a process to get an older driver evaluated by the DMV in Nevada. Here is an overview of what you should know: 

  • Family Member: If family members are concerned about the driving abilities of a senior relative, they can formally request a re-evaluation of the driver’s capabilities. To do so, they should complete and submit the following to the DMV: Request for Re-Evaluation (DLD23A)
  • Police Officer: Police officers in Nevada also have the authority to request a re-evaluation of a senior driver’s license. It can occur if a police officer observes behavior/patterns that suggest the senior may no longer be able to drive safely. The officer can submit a recommendation to the DMV. The DMV will decide if a reevaluation is warranted. 

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