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What is PIP Insurance and How Does it Work?

Were you involved in a serious motor vehicle collision in Las Vegas or elsewhere in Clark County?

If so, you need compensation to pay your bills, including vehicle repairs, medical expenses, and lost wages. Through a fault-based claim, you can hold a negligent party—including other drivers—liable for your damages. Depending on your coverage, you may have a claim through your own insurer.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is a form of no-fault insurance coverage. It is optional coverage in Nevada. If you have a PIP policy, you can seek reimbursement through your own policy for your initial medical bills and lost wages regardless of fault for the crash. Here, our Las Vegas auto accident lawyer provides a comprehensive guide to PIP insurance claims in Nevada. 

Personal Injury Protection (PIP): Defined

Forbes Magazine explains that Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is a type of no-fault auto insurance coverage that pays for medical expenses, lost wages, and other incidental costs resulting from a car accident. To be clear, the coverage applies regardless of fault. It is designed to ensure that the policyholder—a party involved in the crash—is able to get immediate access to financial support. 

Know the Law PIP Insurance is Optional Coverage in Nevada

Nevada requires all motorists to carry minimum mandatory liability coverage. However, unlike some other jurisdictions, PIP coverage is optional. Drivers in Nevada have the choice to include or exclude PIP insurance in their auto insurance policies. While it adds a cost to the premium, PIP coverage can provide valuable protection against potential medical costs and wage loss after an accident. The scope of your PIP coverage can vary. On the lower end, motorists may have a $10,000 PIP policy limit. Though, drivers can purchase far more extensive PIP coverage. 

How to File a PIP Claim in Nevada

Are you preparing to file a PIP after a motor vehicle collision? It is crucial that you take a proactive approach. Here are four key steps to file a PIP claim in Nevada: 

  • Notify Your Insurer: You should notify your PIP insurer about your collision right away. 
  • Document the Crash. Key documentation includes medical reports and police reports. 
  • Submit a Claim: Fill out the required PIP claim form provided by your insurance carrier. In doing so, you should be sure to attach all the necessary documentation.
  • Follow Up: Keep in touch with your insurance adjuster to track the progress of your claim. If any issues arise, consult with a Las Vegas auto accident attorney as soon as possible. 

Insurance Companies are Not On Your Side—Even Your Own PIP Carrier

It is important to remember that insurance companies—including your own PIP carrier—are businesses focused on their profitability. They often aim to minimize payouts to preserve their own financial interests. For this reason, policyholders frequently encounter challenges such as delayed claims processing, requests for extensive documentation, and even outright denial of a claim. If you run into any problems with a PIP insurer, a top-tier Las Vegas auto accident attorney can help. 

Every Serious Crash in Las Vegas Requires a Comprehensive Investigation

While PIP is no-fault coverage, fault can still have a major impact on your claim. Every major collision in Las Vegas should be thoroughly investigated by an attorney. Your lawyer will gather all of the documents, records, and information that you need to bring a PIP claim and hold any at-fault party legally responsible for your crash. 

We Help Injured Victims Navigate PIP Insurance Claims in Nevada

Dealing with an insurance company after a car crash can be hard, even if you are going through your own PIP provider. At Ace Law Group, we are a justice-driven law firm that puts the rights and interests of victims and families first. With a proven history of successful verdicts and settlements across a wide array of complex cases, our Las Vegas auto accident attorneys have extensive experience handling PIP claims. We help our clients secure the maximum financial compensation. 

Contact Our Las Vegas Auto Accident Lawyer Today

At Ace Law Group, our Las Vegas car crash attorneys fight aggressively for justice. If you have any specific questions or concerns about a PIP claim, we are here as a resource. Get in touch with us by phone at (702) 333-4223 or contact us online for a no-cost, no-obligation initial case review.

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