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The 5 most dangerous roads in the Las Vegas area

Driving in Las Vegas can be challenging, especially when there’s heavy traffic. While locals might have a good grasp on certain road-specific hazards and eccentricities, tourists likely won’t.

Knowing which roads are particularly unsafe may help some drivers avoid an unnecessary risk of being involved in a collision. Always remember that several factors, including weather, road conditions, and the behaviors of other drivers can all impact the relative safety of every road.

Interstate 15

Interstate 15 heading to Las Vegas

I-15 is a major interstate that runs through Las Vegas and connects the city to Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. This highway is notorious for its heavy traffic, high speeds, and frequent accidents. The stretch of I-15 through Las Vegas often experiences congestion, leading to aggressive driving and an increased risk of collisions.

Las Vegas Boulevard

The Las Vegas strip

Las Vegas Boulevard, also known as The Strip, is the main thoroughfare in the city and is lined with numerous hotels, casinos, and attractions. The Strip is famous for its bright lights and entertainment, but it also has high pedestrian traffic, resulting in an increased risk of accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians.

Tropicana Avenue

Tropicana Avenue in Las Vegas

Tropicana Avenue is another busy road in Las Vegas, running east to west and intersecting with I-15 and Las Vegas Boulevard. This road is known for heavy traffic, particularly near the major casinos and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). The high volume of vehicles and pedestrians can create a hazardous environment for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Charleston Boulevard

Charleston Boulevard in Las Vegas

Charleston Boulevard is an east-west arterial road in Las Vegas that experiences high traffic volumes, particularly during peak hours. This road connects several residential areas, shopping centers, and schools, which contributes to congestion and an increased risk of accidents.

Flamingo Road

Flamingo Road in Las Vegas

Flamingo Road is another major east-west arterial road in Las Vegas. This road also intersects with I-15 and Las Vegas Boulevard, making it a busy thoroughfare with heavy traffic. The high volume of vehicles, along with the numerous intersections and business entrances, can contribute to the risk of accidents.

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