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Nevada Injury Lawyer – What is Bad Faith?

Everyone who drives in the State of Nevada is required to have auto insurance. When people get auto insurance they create an instant sort of bond between themselves and the insurance company. An insurance company is unique in that they, unlike any other business, have a special duty to keep their promises. Promises are made between you and your insurance company. If you put in a personal injury claim to your own insurance company, it is now time for your insurance company to deliver on that promise.

Every month you pay your auto insurance premiums, have you ever wondered what you get back in return? What you get back is a promise. A promise that this insurance company will protect you and pay your personal injury and damaged property claims should anything bad happen for which they will cover.

For example: If you are in a car accident and the person who hit you has no insurance, what do you do? You have to put this claim with your own insurance company under the Uninsured Policy you opened up with them. This now puts in motion the special relationship and agreement that you and your insurance company came to in the beginning. They are going to evaluate your claim, and do so in a way that they will be acting in your interests and not just their own.

Unfortunately, this does not happen every time… as shocked as you might be to hear that. Some Insurance companies may challenge your claim, and attempt to minimize your personal injury or property damages so they can pay you out a lesser amount. Here is where all the rules made by the State of Nevada come in to play. And here is where “Bad Faith” can also come into action… when your own insurance company does something wrong in evaluating your claim. It is a very difficult and complex area of law but know that you do have rights with your own insurance company and if you ever find yourself in a situation like the one described herein, contact a lawyer.