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The Leading Causes of Car Accidents in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps. There’s always something to do in Sin City with its bright lights and endless entertainment options. But what you may not know is that Las Vegas also has a dark side. According to recent car accident statistics, the city has one of the highest rates of car accidents in the country. If you’re planning on visiting or living in Las Vegas, it’s essential to be aware of these dangers and take precautions to stay safe on the road.

Las Vegas Car Accident Statistics

According to the data, there was 284 fatality crashes in 2019. Clark County had 185 of those accidents and one every other day! The data shows that in Nevada, there were 51,664 crashes reported last decade, with 32754 being property damage only and 18775 injury-related. The number went up to 235 fatal accidents for 2019, which is higher than ten years ago when it was lower at the same time – 2018 —an increase from 231 deaths caused by traffic collisions up until this point.

Tips for Safe Driving in Las Vegas

No matter how safe a driver you are, accidents can still happen. But there are some things you can do to help prevent them. When driving in Las Vegas, make sure to:

  1. Pay attention to the road: This may seem like common sense, but it’s worth repeating. If you’re looking at your phone, changing the radio station, or doing anything that takes your attention away from the road, you’re more likely to get into an accident.
  2. Obey the speed limit: Speed limits are in place for a reason. If you’re speeding, you’re more likely to lose control of your car and cause an accident.
  3. Don’t drink and drive: This should go without saying, but if you’re drinking, make sure you have a designated driver or take a taxi or Uber.
  4. Watch out for weather conditions: Las Vegas is known for its hot, dry weather, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t cause car accidents. Dust storms, flash floods, and even high winds can cause hazardous driving conditions. If you see bad weather approaching, slow down and be extra careful.
  5. Be aware of road conditions: Poorly maintained roads can also lead to car accidents. Slow down and be cautious if you see a pothole or something else that could cause an accident.

What Makes Las Vegas Roads More Dangerous?

The unique elements in Las Vegas that may increase the risk of car accidents include Las Vegas is known as a tourist location where visitors often drink alcohol, and there’s also potential for drug-related crashes. There is an increased risk of fatigued-driver-involved accidents in this city with a late night culture.

If you are travelling to Las Vegas or live in the city, it is essential to be aware of these dangers and take steps to avoid them.

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