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The Dangers of Commercial Trucks.

Commercial trucks are a source of livelihood to many. They aid in transportation of construction materials, foodstuffs, machinery and other goods. At times, truck drivers are faced by challenges which may hinder successful transportation.

In a 2019 report, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) stated that 5,237 trucks and buses were involved in fatal accidents in the United States.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents.

  • Drivers experiencing fatigue: Truck drivers need to take breaks between driving shifts and rest for a certain number of hours a day. However, as there are delivery deadlines and vehicle delays, some drivers feel compelled to push themselves and try to close the lost time. This often leads to sleep deprivation, which may alter the driver’s thinking ability, or the driver may fall asleep on the wheel and thus cause an accident.
  • Unroadworthy Trucks: Sometimes truck accidents are caused by improper machinery or improper vehicle repair. In some cases, the truck’s equipment is improperly fastened, or the truck’s tires are in poor condition. A tire burst could cause the truck to veer off the road and crash into a nearby car.
  • Disrupted Driving: Truck drivers are often in the delivery process, and if they get stuck in traffic, it may cause the delivery to be delayed. Truck drivers are notorious for doing too many things while driving, for example, eating, sending text messages, and talking on cell phones.
  • Inadequate Skills: Sometimes truck accidents happen because the driver lacks the skills to drive big commercial trucks. New drivers may lack the skills and not know how to steer such a large truck under cold driving conditions or down steep mountain roads.

How to Avoid Getting an Accident with a Commercial Truck.

Because of their size, truck accidents are usually more serious than accidents between passenger vehicles. Truck accidents can cause severe and even catastrophic damage. That’s why it is important to take extra precautions when driving around them.

  • Avoid sudden braking: While sudden braking is not always something, you can avoid, doing so before the semi can have fatal consequences. Big trucks do not often stop quickly.
  • Stay out of their blind spots: Trucks typically have larger blind spots on the right side that can easily blur the vision of an average-sized car. It’s safer to pass a truck on the driver’s side.
  • Keep your distance: It is important to remember to leave ample space between you and the tractor-trailer. You must report on tire conditions, unexpected brakes, and strong winds that could cause an accident.
  • Avoid violent driving: Due to the size and weight of the goods carried by commercial drivers, they are subject to certain speed limits. While you may want to keep up with traffic flow, crossing the speed limit to overtake a commercial truck or drive in rough terrain has potential for danger.
  • Lower your upper bars: While your high beams may help you see in the dark, they can blind truck drivers to the point where bright lights are reflected in their mirrors.

When truck drivers do not follow proper safety protocols or fail to properly maintain their vehicles, they may be held responsible for any accidents they cause.

If you have been injured by the reckless driving habits of a truck driver, our team of Las Vegas truck accident attorneys can help you determine who was liable for your accident and pursue the justice you deserve.

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