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Driving distractions can come from unexpected sources

Driving distractions can take a lot of different forms, and many people usually focus on things like texting and driving or even talking to passengers, especially for young drivers. But it’s important to note that distractions can come from a lot of unexpected sources, as well, and so drivers may be a lot more distracted than they even realize.

Considering the fact that any level of distraction can cause an accident, it’s important to understand how this happens and how you can avoid it.

Eating food in the car

For instance, one serious distraction is when you try to eat anything in the car. It could be as simple as drinking coffee as you drive into the office in the morning, or you may try to buy a whole meal on the way home or while you’re on a road trip. Either way, eating in the car is dangerous because it takes your hands off of the wheel, you could spill food on yourself, you likely tend to look at the food and take your eyes off of the road, and a split-second of inattention could lead to an accident.

Driving with your children

Another common distraction for parents is when they have their children in the car with them. Children may be loud and excitable, especially at unexpected times. They could also cry or whine, something that is often hard for parents to ignore. Many parents find themselves handing back snacks, drinks or even toys while they try to drive, and all of that can lead to an accident. Parents mean well, as they try to help their children enjoy their time in the car, but it’s not worth the risk.

Pets that are not restrained

Many people drive around with their pets in the car, and many of these pets are not restrained in any fashion. This can lead to distractions if the pet tries to interact with the driver, and it could also lead to distraction if the pet sees something outside that catches its attention. For instance, an unrestrained dog that sees another dog outside could start barking and running around the inside of the vehicle.

Have you been injured?

If a distracted driver has caused a car accident that led to serious injuries, you need to know what you can do to seek financial compensation.