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3 ways casinos could contribute to someone’s slip-and-fall injury

Whether you are a local resident meeting up with prospective business partners or a tourist out for a good time, you could get hurt while visiting a Nevada casino. In some ways, the gambling business lends itself to personal injury incidents.

There are many ways that someone could get hurt at a casino, and a slip-and-fall incident is definitely a noteworthy risk. People can slip and fall just about anywhere, but there are numerous aspects of how a casino operates that increase the possibility of a slip-and-fall incident occurring.

How do casinos contribute to people’s risk of slipping and falling while visiting?

They hand out free drinks

There are two ways that the constant flow of alcohol at many casinos contributes to the possibility of someone falling and getting hurt. One is when inebriation affects someone’s balance, making them more likely to fall when they encounter an obstacle.

The other is the potential for a spill. Those overindulging could easily spill their drink, such as when someone is more focused on their game than on their beverage. With so many people drinking, the possibility of a wet spot on the floor is a constant concern.

They create a sea of visual distraction

To safely navigate an indoor space, people need to be aware of their surroundings. The high traffic in casinos can make them more dangerous overall, but it is often the lights and sounds of people gambling that keep people from focusing on their own safety.

All of the distracting visuals around a casino may mean that someone is looking off into the distance instead of at the floor in front of them, leading them to miss an obvious obstacle and suffer a serious injury. 

They need power in many places and use flooring to differentiate spaces

Casinos can sometimes contribute to tripping hazards with valid layout and design practices. Changing the flooring and adding numerous transitions visually can make the space seem like numerous distinct areas, but each of those transitions is a tripping risk.

Even if the casino has one kind of flooring throughout, the electrical cord that they need some power their slot machines and electronic devices could be a tripping hazard as well. Typically, local power supply or covers for cords are necessary to keep people from tripping, but when casinos don’t apply these best practices, people could end up tripping and getting seriously hurt.

Filing a premises liability claim can help those who slip and fall while visiting a Nevada casino.