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4 Tips to Keep Your Children Safe While Trick or Treating:

Halloween is getting close, and all the kids are looking forward to Trick-or-treating! However, you have to be aware that Halloween is one of the most dangerous nights of the year. According to the CDC, the number of deaths among young pedestrians is four times higher on Halloween evening than any other evening of the year.

This is really scary! Halloween should be a fun night, and everyone should enjoy it without getting worried about accidents. But it doesn’t have to be that way, we all can do our part to have a safe and fun night!

We share with you some tips, so you can keep your kids safe this Halloween while trick or treating:

  1. Make your kids visible to the drivers: Add reflective tape to your kid’s costumes and treat bags. Give them a flashlight and glow sticks.
  2. Avoid your children wearing hazardous costumes: Make sure the costumes don’t cause your children to trip or impair their vision.
  3. Review the pedestrian and traffic safety rules with your children: Remind them to look both ways before crossing the street, only cross at street corners, or crosswalks, and never cross against a green or yellow light.
  4. Accompany your children when going trick or treating, or make sure your children travel in a group: Remind them to only walk in areas lit there are familiar with.

Our Las Vegas Personal Injury wishes you a safe and Halloween season! Share these tips with anyone who can benefit from this information.

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