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Nevada Civil Litigation Lawyers – Business Liability Insurance Coverage for COVID-19

Most businesses have what is called “Business Liability Insurance Coverage”. Most people carry this in case they get sued because someone gets hurt on their property, or if there is damage that occurs to their business equipment. Most business owners never think to make a claim for damages from this COVID-19 pandemic. Here is the good news… YOU CAN.

If you have Business Liability Insurance, it is likely that you fall under one of the following areas for coverage:

(A) Civil Authority Coverage

(B) Interruption of Business Coverage

(C) Equipment Damage/Failure

Insurance companies will and already are fighting these claims tooth and nail during this pandemic. The are claiming that this pandemic is not covered under your Insurance, however, our legal experience and expertise tells us different. It is likely if you have Business Liability Insurance that you may be covered. And we are happy to take your case to Court if need be.

Our Law Firm offers a Free Consultation and a Free insurance policy review to see if you have coverage that we consider legally binding on your insurance company. If we do take your case, our firm will be handling all cases on Contingency. That means No Fee unless We win. Call our office line at 702-333-4223. We speak English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Korean.

Our goal is to help small businesses everywhere. And if you have been paying for business liability coverage this whole time, it is only fair that the insurance company covers you.