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Las Vegas Injury Lawyers – In a Wreck… now what?

Car crashes are all to common in Nevada. Especially, Las Vegas, where there is such an influx of travelers from all over the country (the world). Las Vegas has hauntingly terrible statistics when it comes to crashes and injuries and death related to crashes. Most people who are involve din a crash don’t know what to do… so here’s some advice from a long time Injury Trial Lawyers:

  1. As soon as the crash happens, pull over to a safe area on the road. First and foremost, check yourself and those in your car and the other car to see if everyone is ok and not in a state of emergency.
  2. Call the police, make sure a police report is filed.
  3. Make sure to take pictures of your car and the other car involved. Make sure to also take pictures of the area so you have picture proof of what the road conditions were like in that moment.
  4. If any good Samaritans stuck around, get their names and numbers so you (or your attorney) can contact them at a later date in case the insurance company disputes what happened. Independents witnesses can make or break a case.
  5. If you are hurting, or anyone in your car is hurting, make sure to go to the Hospital or at a minimum Urgent Care to get evaluated by a medical professional.
  6. Consult with an attorney. Get legal help and medical help. Insurance companies have whole divisions devoted to fighting your claims. Let us fight for you.