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Las Vegas Top Injury Lawyers – Does Your Immigration Status Affect Your Lawsuit?

Many car crashes in Nevada (and across America) involve undocumented immigrants. This usually puts those immigrants in fear of engaging a lawyer or filing a lawsuit for fear of deportation. A common question I get is “If I sue, and the insurance company finds out that I am illegal, won’t they deport me?” The simple answer is that it is against the rules. It is not relevant to your case and they SHOULD leave it alone. The practical answer is that some insurance companies are so evil that they may stoop to that tactic, but personally, in over ten years of practice, I have yet to see it.

Plaintiff’s Immigration Status is Irrelevant
In Nevada we are able to file Motions In Limine which essentially ask the Judge (prior to trial) to keep Insurance Defense Counsel from mentioning anything regarding our Client’s immigration status because it is irrelevant to the facts of the case. This motion has typically been upheld throughout the State Courts of Nevada barring certain extreme circumstances.

Do Not Let Fear Rule You
Because of this useful tool, the legal system ensures protections for Illegal Immigrants as well as Citizens and Permanent Residents when it comes to car crashes. Just because you are an Illegal Immigrant, you should not live in fear that you cannot pursue your rights through the legal system just because of possible deportation. It is not allowed and will be blocked from any sort of mention at trial. Do not let fear rule your decisions, seek the help of a lawyer today.

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