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Why People Do Not Trust Insurance Companies

Recently, I published an article titled, “Statistics Show that Most Injured Victims of Car Crashes Will Call an Injury Lawyer After They Leave the Hospital, Why Is That?” In this article, I was curious to find out why, after being released from the hospital, a majority of car accident victims call personal injury attorneys. After interviewing several friends, family members, insurance adjusters, clients, and others, I discovered the number one reason that people call injury lawyers after an accident:

People do not trust insurance agencies.

Instead of calling the insurance company of the person who hit them, most people seek legal counsel immediately after being released from the hospital. Why is that? What makes people so unwilling to trust insurance companies?

There are several reasons not to trust insurance companies:

  • They often offer the lowest settlement for your claim
  • They make excuses and fight to deny your claim
  • They often drag their feet in providing a settlement
  • They rely on the fine print in their contracts

In my research, I found out that most people call injury attorneys out of self-preservation. Victims do not trust insurance companies to provide fair, timely, and honest settlements, and they are right to do so. Insurance companies will do everything in their power to avoid paying what you deserve, and they will twist your words and use any angle they can get to dismiss your claim. That is why I am dedicated to tenaciously representing clients against insurance companies.

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