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Las Vegas Top Injury Lawyers – Minor Impact Cases

In many cases, there are very minor car accidents where there is minimal impact and low property damage. These types of cases, though small, are an Insurance Adjuster’s dream. Insurance Adjusters have every excuse in the book to fight these types of cases to the bitter end. They use the fact that there is only minimal property damage to show that you should have suffered little to no injuries.

What Are Soft Tissue Injuries?
Soft tissue injuries are the most common type of injuries in a minor impact injury case. Soft tissue means that there are no broken bones, only injuries to soft tissue like neck, back and shoulder muscles and tendons. These types of injuries are incredibly difficult to deal with because an injury to soft tissue is an injury that cannot be measured like a broken bone. However, those types of injuries can be just as painful, if not more.

What If I Hit You with A Baseball Bat?
The common defense insurance companies use is that the car that hit you was only travelling at a low speed. Like ten miles per hour. However, this is a clever deception they use, because any high school physics teacher would tell you that regardless of whether you are in a car our out of it, the force with which you are hit is the same. What if I hit you with a baseball bat at ten miles an hour? Even with padding and protection that would cause damage to your body.

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