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Summertime Safety Tips for Drivers

Because there are more travelers out on the road in the summer months, drivers are at a higher risk of becoming involved in a car accident during the warm summer months than at any other time of the year.

Know the Facts

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 9,000 fatal motor vehicle crashes occurred during June through August in 2019 alone.

The Leading Causes

  • Vehicle equipment failure due to summer heat: Because of the temperature rise, the heat can negatively impact the vehicle’s equipment, especially the tires.
  • More traffic in the roads: Summer break is the one of the most popular times for road trips. With more people driving from one city to another, the probabilities of car accidents increase.
  • Increase of inexperienced drivers in the roads: With the summer break, newly licensed drivers have more time to be on the road, and without experience behind the wheel, this can increase the chances of getting in car wreck.
  • Increase of drunk drivers in the roads: Because of the warm weather and more free time, parties are more popular during summertime. Unfortunately, this leads to more negligent drunk drivers in the roads.

For many of us, summertime usually means road trip. And even though prevention and planning may take some time, this will spare you from dealing with the consequences of a breakdown or worse yet, a crash later.

Before You Hit The Road:

Take these precautions and prevent get into a car accident this summer!

  • Get your car serviced: Check the air pressure in all tires, including the spare; Check battery life and inspect batteries and battery cables; Inspect brake pads and linings for wear; and change the oil and filter according to manufacturer’s service interval specifications.
  • Plan your route: Make sure to check the weather, road conditions, and traffic.
  • Pack an emergency kit.
  • Respect all traffic laws: Buckle up; Obey speed limits and traffic signals; Avoid distractions; Don’t drink impaired and share the road responsibly.

Unfortunately, most auto accidents were not only caused by driver error or driver recklessness but also most accidents are entirely preventable. If you or someone you love was injured by an aggressive, drunk, or otherwise negligent driver, we urge you to contact our car accident attorneys today. Ace Law Group is ready to fight for the justice you deserve.