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Vegas Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyers – Birth in the time of Coronavirus

The novel Coronavirus, known as COVID-19 has changed the world. One of the main issues we have been finding for our clients who are pregnant in the workplace is that they have serious concerns during this pandemic while pregnant.

The Center for Disease Control has been constantly updating the high-risk groups and Pregnant People are still under the category of people who need to take “Extra Precautions”.

As such, if you need a reasonable accommodation at work because your pregnant and we have a pandemic going on, then you may request one under the law.

Under the American Disability Act, you can request a reasonable accommodation at any time when you are pregnant. This category of accommodations only increases with COVID-19 and the increased risk pregnancy brings with COVID-19 in the workplace. The key is that the request must be reasonable. That the employer must engage in the interactive process with you. Then if you are denied the reasonable accommodation, you may be entitled to legal protections under the law.

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