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Secure Maximum Compensation After A Dog Attack

Immediately after a dog attack takes place, receiving the best medical care available is probably your main focus. It’s likely you may not think about the long-term impact of a dog’s aggression until your physical wounds have been treated.

At Ace Law Group, our personal injury attorneys understand that recovering from dog bites or other harmful acts takes time and a significant amount of money. Out-of-pocket charges for medical bills and lost or reduced wages can empty your savings account.

In most cases, the owner of a vicious dog is responsible for the dog’s actions and for paying your medical fees. Homeowner insurance policies will usually cover these costs. To receive maximum compensation, however, you need to think ahead and act carefully.

When Las Vegas dog attack victims need an advocate to support them through the claims process, they contact our skilled attorneys. Our lawyers know how to defend against the tactics insurance companies use to minimize payouts to victims. We will challenge these companies in court or at the negotiating table to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Before we can fight for your rights in court, however, you need to obtain this information.

Build A Strong Dog Bite Claim By Following These Steps

  1. Record all information about the attack, including any observations from witnesses, and location and time of the event
  2. Document any relevant information about the dog, including previous aggressive acts
  3. Retain all medical records relating to the attack, including follow-up appointments and rehabilitation sessions
  4. Photograph the injury as it heals to document any evidence of scarring or disfigurement

When you have gathered these details, consult with a trusted attorney. You should not contact the insurance company without legal representation. Claims administrators are coached to ask questions that are designed to limit the insurance company’s financial obligations.

At Ace Law Group, our attorneys act in your best interests and can tell you if you are receiving the offer you deserve. Our case results speak for themselves.

Insurance Companies Have Attorneys Advising Them. So Should You.

Contact our firm to schedule a free claim evaluation. Dial 702-605-3113, or contact us online. It’s important to take action quickly. In Nevada, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury suit is two years.

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