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En este momento, los despidos masivos son comunes a través de Nevada y el mundo. Sin embargo, es importante que sigamos responsabilizando a los empleadores por sus acciones. Muchos empleadores están haciendo lo mejor que pueden: los CEO están renunciando a sus salarios, los empleadores están alentando a los empleados a usar su tiempo libre pagado, algunos empleadores incluso están haciendo un esfuerzo adicional y pagando a sus empleados durante este período difícil.

Vegas Employment Lawyers - Violations of the WARN Act during COVID-19 Pandemic.

Mass layoffs are common throughout Nevada, and the world right now. However, it is important that we continue to hold employers responsible for their actions. Many employers are doing the best they can: CEOs are foregoing their salaries, Employers are encouraging employees to use their paid time off, some employers are even going the extra mile and paying their employees during this difficult period.

Nevada Employment Lawyers - Coronavirus and Employment Laws in Nevada

The novel Coronavirus, known as COVID-19 has drastically and quickly altered day-to-day life. The outbreak quickly led to mandatory business closures which resulted in layoffs and extended leaves of absence for many of Nevada's workers. Nationwide, the Los Angeles time indicated that 18% of workers had lost their jobs.

Reasonable Accommodations For Pregnant Employees

The Nevada Pregnant Workers' Fairness Act provides protections to female employees and applicants for employment who are affected by a condition of the employee or applicant relating to pregnancy, childbirth, or a related medical condition. The law covers employers with 15 or more employees, including state and local governments.

Nevada Wrongful Termination/Discrimination Issues

Nevada is an incredibly difficult state to practice "employee-side Employment Law" due to the Right-to-Work laws that Nevada already has in place. As such, employees who may have had a good Wrongful Termination case, tend to run into problems by failing to do some simple things. Reporting Misconduct
One of the number one issues that our clients run into is that they never reported the discriminatory behavior to Human Resources or Management. The idea behind reporting is simple: How can you expect to hold a company liable for their employee's discriminatory actions towards you if you never alerted them to it?

How Can I Appeal a Denial of Unemployment Benefits?

After being hurt on the job, your unemployment claim can be denied for any number of reasons. It is not uncommon for employers and their insurance companies to try and downplay the seriousness of your injury or illness or deny your claim outright. Knowing what to do in this event can have considerable ramifications on your recovery.

OSHA Guide to Injuries in the Workplace

The Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1970 was enacted to prevent serious injury and death in the workplace. This Act helped create the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which outlines standards and employee rights to help protect workers and keep them safe. They are also in charge of enforcing the standards they set.

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