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Learning About The Signs Of Sexual Harassment

When you hear the words “sexual harassment,” it’s likely that you imagine a leering boss touching an employee inappropriately or a teacher making lewd comments about a student’s appearance. These unwanted sexual advances are considered unlawful under the Nevada Fair Employment Practices Act and Title IX, but so are other actions that may not be as obvious as these two examples.

People who harass co-workers or subordinates are bullies who engage in this act to reinforce their sense of power. These are deliberate acts. Harassers don’t accidentally humiliate or intimidate people with less authority. They create oppressive environments on purpose and continue to do so because they aren’t challenged by others to stop.

If you are being harassed at school or the workplace, you can take action against these aggressors with our help. Our employment law attorneys at Ace Law Group have defended Las Vegas harassment victims in courts and in settlement negotiations. Our lawyers are dedicated to protecting our clients who have been traumatized by co-workers, supervisors, teachers or clients. This is why we create aggressive legal strategies that secure large settlements for our clients.

Creating A Hostile Environment Is Harassment

These behaviors can disrupt your ability to work:

  • Constant derogatory comments about members of a specific race, religion, age group, gender, among other classifications
  • Continuous and disruptive actions or words that disrupt your ability to work or advance your career
  • Public display of sexually suggestive images in drawings, posters or photos

Intimidating Through Sexual Misconduct Is Harassment

These actions can violate you physically, mentally and emotionally:

  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual intimidation
  • Sexual exploitation

If you have experienced these and other signs of sexual harassment, you can take action. Contact Ace Law Group to learn how you can put a stop to these illegal activities and prevent others from experiencing these traumatic events.

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