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Protecting Your Rights When You Have Been Harassed At Work And College

Many sexual harassment victims often suffer this unlawful behavior in silence because they believe they won’t be able to prove harassment took place. They may also fear risking their ability to find work in the future if they decide to file a lawsuit.

When you are not in a position of power and you have been harassed at work or in school, you may think that your options are limited. You can choose to leave the hostile environment or endure it.

At Ace Law Group, we offer another choice: You can expose the harassment to obtain justice. Consider us your legal allies in harassment and other employment law matters. Our attorneys have more than 40 years’ experience zealously defending our clients’ rights in Las Vegas. Our award-winning legal team has secured six-figure settlements for our clients.

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Holding Aggressors Responsible For Their Actions

It’s not only bosses or supervisors who can be held accountable for harassment. Males and females holding these positions can also be sued:

  • Co-workers
  • Clients
  • Customers
  • Teachers
  • Fellow students

Harassment occurs not only through sexual assault or other forms of uninvited touching. Nevada laws consider these forms of harassment a violation of discrimination laws:

  • Quid pro quo, which occurs when an authority figures promises a promotion or other benefits in exchange for sexual acts
  • Hostile work environment, which occurs when an individual is subjected to unwanted or intimidating conduct that affects his or her ability to complete tasks

Whether you wish to remain at your job or you seek damages for retaliation that resulted in financial loss, our employment law lawyers can tailor a legal strategy that secures maximum compensation.

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