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Las Vegas Injury Lawyers - In a Wreck... now what?

Car crashes are all to common in Nevada. Especially, Las Vegas, where there is such an influx of travelers from all over the country (the world). Las Vegas has hauntingly terrible statistics when it comes to crashes and injuries and death related to crashes. Most people who are involve din a crash don't know what to do... so here's some advice from a long time Injury Trial Lawyers:

Common Mistakes at the Scene of a Crash

You're driving down the road one-day, regular traffic conditions for 5:00pm, as you approach an intersection, the driver next to you swerves into your lane, you try and hit your brakes, but there's no time, he hits the side of your vehicle, pushes you into another lane where your narrowly miss being struck by the onslaught of traffic. After your vehicle comes to a stop and you compose yourself, you pull to the side of the road. The other driver apologizes profusely, you look at your car, there's damage to the door, but your car is still operational. The other driver kindly offers to exchange insurance cards, and even give you a picture of his ID. He then says if you call the police, they'll take an hour or two to get here, he tells you, "let's just work this out and be on our separate ways." You agree.

Car Crash? Protect Yourself and Your Family

Car accidents are jarring. They can shake you to your core, leaving you unaware of how to respond or react. Despite their stressful, shocking, and frightening nature, it is possible to prepare accordingly so as to ensure you follow protocol and keep everyone as safe as possible. This is why it is essential you collect your thoughts and act accordingly, especially you if have any passengers in the car.

Why People Do Not Trust Insurance Companies

Recently, I published an article titled, "Statistics Show that Most Injured Victims of Car Crashes Will Call an Injury Lawyer After They Leave the Hospital, Why Is That?" In this article, I was curious to find out why, after being released from the hospital, a majority of car accident victims call personal injury attorneys. After interviewing several friends, family members, insurance adjusters, clients, and others, I discovered the number one reason that people call injury lawyers after an accident:

Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyers - To Sue Or Not To Sue

Clients always ask me, "Should we file a lawsuit?", and this question always comes up in cases where there aren't a lot of medical bills and the client was hurt but got over their injuries after a few short months. This is always a tough situation, because usually the scenario is simple: Client has X amount of medical bills, but the insurance company is only offering Y. Y does not cover X, but X is low enough where it may not be worth engaging in two to three years of litigation to fight with an insurance company.

Top Vegas Injury Lawyers - When The Other Side Does Not Have Insurance

In some instances you may be involved in a car accident where the other side does not have insurance or has allowed their car insurance to lapse. This is not an uncommon problem, however, if you should run into this issue make sure that you properly document the accident like you would any other accident. That means calling the police, taking pictures of property damage and bodily injuries. What Can You Do If The Other Party Is Uninsured?
The first thing you should do is contact your own insurance company and make sure you have uninsured/under-insured motorist. This means that if the other side does not have insurance (or enough insurance to cover your injuries) your own insurance company will step in and cover your damages as if they themselves were the party who hit you.

Las Vegas Car Accidents - Drunk Driving Accidents

It may come as no surprise that Las Vegas has a high number of DUI-related car accidents. For example, in 2007 there were 118 fatalities as a result of Drunk Driving Accidents alone. Since 2007, those numbers have only increased. What Can You Do To Protect Yourself After An Accident?
Especially in DUI-related accidents, it is important that you call the police. If you suspect a driver may have been drinking call the police and alert the officer who comes to the scene, they will take it from there. As with any other accident, it is then important for you to gather information: Insurance information, witness contact info, and take photos of the vehicles involved. After that make sure you seek proper medical attention.

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