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Vegas Slip and Fall Lawyers – How much is my case worth?

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Slip and fall cases are not easy in Nevada, but the law does draw a clear path to success if you can find it. With experience and knowledge, you can be successful by proving the following elements within Negligence:

-A hazardous surface (like spilled juice, smashed grapes);
-Owner new or should have known of the hazard; and
-The hazard caused your injuries.
Once you prove your injuries, you can then explore the damages (what your case is worth). So many factors go into this portion of a slip and fall lawsuit:
-Your medical bills;
-your pain and suffering;
-whether you have permanent injuries; and
-any lost wages.

These make up many of your damages, so if you know your medical bills than you can probably gauge your case worth somewhere upwards from that amount.

It is so important that you get good and consistent medical providers to look at your injuries in these types of cases. Only until your doctors have a good idea of what your injuries are and how to heal those injuries, should the questions of what your case is worth even come up.

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