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Sexual Harassment Cases in Nevada: How Our Company Wins Big Legal Settlements.

In 2018, particularly in Nevada, cases of sexual harassment are on the rise. With many high-powered people falling under the microscope for having committed sexual misconduct in the past, along with the #metoo movement that has rocked the nation in the last year, more and more law firms are taking on these types of cases. Snowfall. The difference between many of them and us is that we have been taking these cases since 2007.

Even before the #metoo movement and the increase in the number of victims, our law firm has been obtaining six-figure settlements for clients in these types of cases. We do it by focusing on something very important: How has the company failed you? It is in the nature of companies to put profits above their desire to protect their own employees. At Ace Law Group , we know this simple factor and use it to the benefit of our clients.

We also have experience on our side. We know what the legal settlement trends have been in Nevada over the last ten years, because we have been fighting these cases all this time. Experience also tells us that sometimes we can’t accept a deal because sometimes… YOU HAVE TO fight. He has to go to Court.

Sexual harassment happens in the workplace and is more common than you think. To protect yourself, be sure to do the following:

(1) Report the offensive behavior to a manager or the Human Resources department;

(2) Keep a written record of what happened and when; and

(3) Consult a lawyer. *

* Our firm provides consultations for sexual harassment cases free of charge.