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Nevada Civil Lawyers – What is Defamation?

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Defamation is when a False statement is made to others in the community and those statements cause you harm. Specifically, in Nevada, Defamation is defined as “A communication that tends so to harm the reputation of the plaintiff as to lower him/her in the estimation of the community or to deter third persons from associating or dealing with him/her.” (K-Mart Corp. v. Washington, 109 Nev. 1180 (1993).)

What is a false statement
As silly as it sounds, a clear definition of this is often needed. Many people skirt around this element by mixing in truth with lies. However, it is clear that ANY FALSE STATEMENT can fall under the banner of defamation.

The key to it all: HARM
The false statement part may be easy, but the hard part is what is the harm? It must be more than just having your feelings hurt. There must be something that actively disrupts your life, business, or peace of mind. For business owners you are looking at a loss of business because of defamatory statements. That loss of business must be provable with evidence in a Court of law.

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