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What to Expect When Stopped by Police for a DUI.

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2018 | Traffic Tickets |

In a city where bars are open 24 hours and you can drink at any time; driving under influence (DUI) of alcohol is one of the biggest problems in Las Vegas.

In the state of Nevada, police need a reason to pull you over. Whether it was speeding, swerving in your lane, or running a stop sign, all are acceptable reasons for a police officer to pull you over. If you get pulled over by a police officer and you have been drinking, the police officer looks for the following:
(1) Do you have blood shot eyes?
(2) Does your breath smell like alcohol?
(3) Are you slurring your words?
(4) Are there visible signs of drinking in your vehicle, such as an empty beer bottle in the passenger seat?

All of the above are things that police officers look for before proceeding to the next phase. If they notice slurred speech, blood shot eyes, the smell of alcohol or empty bottles of beer you will be asked to step out of the car for the standardized field sobriety tests. If you decide not to take these tests, this gives a police officer cause to ask that you provide a breathalyzer or a blood sample to get a gauge on your blood alcohol level. The three field sobriety tests used in Nevada are the same used nationwide. It is the eye/gaze test, the walk the line test, and stand on one foot. When conducting these field tests it is important to remember that you be polite to the officer and follow directions closely. In most cases, not following directions closely will lead to arrest for driving under the influence.

Remember, the safest thing to do is to NOT DRINK AND DRIVE! Call a cab or a friend to pick you up.

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