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Top Vegas Injury Lawyers – When There Is A Hit and Run

Top Vegas Injury Lawyers – When There Is A Hit and Run

It’s not uncommon that someone who caused an accident may run off to avoid liability. The most common reason someone might leave the scene of an accident? Because they are drunk.

In years past, many drunk drivers would cause an accident and leave the scene, risking getting a Hit and Run violation rather than having to face a more serious Drunk Driving charge.

Hit & Run Protection

Hit and Runs in Nevada were becoming so prevalent that the Nevada State government decided to do something about it. Thus was born Senate Bill 245, that was passed and became effective October 1, 2015. Among many things, Senate Bill 245 treats those who leave a scene of an accident with substantial bodily harm or property damage the same as a driver under the influence.

What This Could Mean For Injury Cases
When the Hit and Run party is finally discovered, this means that they will be facing potentially serious DUI Charges for leaving the scene of an accident. Facing DUI Charges means that we as Personal Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas can use that knowledge to good effect when negotiating with the insurance companies.

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