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Traffic Ticket Bench Warrants

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2015 | Criminal Defense, Traffic Tickets |

Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyers – Traffic Ticket Bench Warrants

In 2015 our law firm has hit a tipping point. Not only have we recovered millions of dollars for our clients, we have been recognized nationally by our peers for high level of excellence achieved through diligence and aggressive litigation.

What Does a Bench Warrant Mean? Usually when you get a traffic ticket and you fail to appear or fail to pay your fine the Court will issue a Bench Warrant for your arrest. This means that at any time you are pulled over on an un-related traffic stop, you will be arrested for an outstanding bench warrant. This means a night in jail.

Avoid Arrest in Las Vegas
Kang & Associates d/b/a Ace Law Group can send out a Motion to Quash your bench warrant in Las Vegas (or surrounding areas). After we file that Motion it usually takes a few days to get the matter resolved for you. After the warrant is quashed, we can take care of the traffic ticket as if it is a normal ticket. The whole process at our office costs a flat fee of $200 (most cases).