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Prostitution is Illegal in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyers – Prostitution is Illegal in Las Vegas

There is a common misconception that anything goes in Las Vegas, including Prostitution. Now, Las Vegas is named “Sin City” for a reason with its multitude of gambling establishments, strip clubs, and night clubs. However, prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas. Nevada has legalized prostitution, but only in some counties, so to find a brothel one would have to drive outside Clark County (the County in which Las Vegas resides).

Pandering is a Crime in Clark County. Nevada Law has made it illegal to solicit sex for money in Clark County, Nevada. The most common way to get arrested for pandering is for undercover police officers to pose as Prostitutes in order to catch you in the act. Rarely is there a good defense for being caught in the act by an undercover officer, however, depending on your situation we may find a way help your case.

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