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How Can I Appeal a Denial of Unemployment Benefits?

After being hurt on the job, your unemployment claim can be denied for any number of reasons. It is not uncommon for employers and their insurance companies to try and downplay the seriousness of your injury or illness or deny your claim outright. Knowing what to do in this event can have considerable ramifications on your recovery.

After being denied unemployment, you have the right to appeal the decision at an Appeal Hearing. If your initial appeal is denied as well, you can take your case to the Board of Review appeal. Failing this, your last option is a petition for judicial review.

Deadlines are very important to pay attention to which attempting to appeal a denial. Most times, you will lose your chance at appealing if you miss a deadline unless it is for a very legitimate reason. You absolutely do not want to miss your appeal, as this is your venue to present evidence to support your claim for unemployment.

You should know beforehand that the most common reason for denial of unemployment is by your employer stating you were discharged for misconduct, which is a broad category which can be difficult to prove convincingly.

Lastly, your appeal should always be kept simple and to the point.

If you have been injured on the job and your claim for unemployment has been denied, look to Ace Law Group to push for your rights.