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Dealing with Traffic Tickets

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2015 | Traffic Tickets |

You’re driving down the freeway, traffic is finally moving, after a long day of work you just want to get home. Everyone seems to be cruising at 75, and you’re just following the flow of traffic. As you round a curve on the freeway you see a motorcycle cop with his radar gun pointed right towards you. You hit the brakes, and either utter a prayer or mutter a few swear words. Either way, you know he’s got you. Within a few minutes you’re parked on the side of the road handing over your license and registration.

While getting a ticket is an annoyance nobody likes to deal with, it can be very important to contact an attorney. Even one ticket can lead to increased insurance rates, or points on your driving record. You might think that you can fix it yourself by taking the court imposed traffic school, but that can potentially make the situation worse.

The attorneys at Ace Law Group have negotiated and dealt with thousands of tickets. They know how to navigate the system, and will do everything to keep points off your record, and to keep your insurance premiums down. For only $20 they will take care of your traffic ticket and get you the best resolution possible.