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Driving Under the Influence DUI

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2014 | Criminal Defense |

DUI charges can have long lasting effects on the individuals charged. In addition to having a negative effect on your driving record they can impact your livelihood and damage personal and professional relationships. DUI convictions carry a series of strictly enforced penalties which may include imprisonment. The hefty fines, time intensive classes, community services, license suspension and possibility of house arrest can put significant financial and emotional strain on the individuals charged.

Even when no accident occurs, the consequences can lead to a strain on family, friends and co-workers or bosses. If you are charged with a DUI it is very important that you contact an experienced and professional Las Vegas DUI lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected and your life is not affected any more than it has to be.

In Nevada, DUI’s carry strict penalties, which include not only fines but lengthy and costly classes, community service and even jail time or house arrest. Without knowledgeable legal counsel, many individuals face penalties that are more severe. If you have been charged, our team of experienced Las Vegas DUI attorneys have helped thousands of individuals through the process of resolving their DUI charge. Our lawyers are willing to fight for the best possible outcome and we have negotiated and gone to trial to get penalties reduced and get our clients the most favorable outcome possible. We analyze every step of the charge, from the moment you were pulled over until you were released from custody to ensure none of your legal rights were violated.

If there is evidence to dispute your DUI we will fight to get the charge dropped including negotiation and trial. We have experience fiercely negotiating to get the most favorable resolution. We frequently negotiate a reduction in penalties and have often been able to reduce charges to reckless driving. While every case is different, our team of experienced Las Vegas DUI lawyers can negotiate the best deal possible to make sure the penalties and fines are reduced by the maximum amount possible. We have encountered a wide variety of unique situations and circumstances on all types of DUI charges. We will do everything possible to press for the best resolution and ensure that our client’s rights are not abused. Come to our office for a free consultation.