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Nevada DUI and Drunk Driving

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DUI and Drunk Driving Laws carry stiff penalties in Nevada.

Drunk driving and DUI laws in Nevada carry stiff penalties including mandatory jail sentences, fines and fees, license revocation, and community service.

Nevada drunk driving laws prohibit drivers from getting behind the wheel if their blood alcohol concentration is .08 percent or higher. Commercial drivers are held to a higher standard with a limit of .04 percent. Drivers under 21 have even stricter limits with .02 percent.

An officer is allowed to ask you to take a breathalyzer under the Implied Consent Law. Under these laws, a driver consents to a breathalyzer when they drive a vehicle. If you refuses to submit to one, the officer may seize your license, place you under arrest, and collect a blood sample using reasonable force.

The minimum jail time for a first offender is either two days in jail or 96 hours of community service. Offenders with a second DUI will spend a minimum of 10 days in jail. A third DUI offense carries a stiff prison sentence of one year.

The Silver State takes drunk driving laws seriously and will immediately suspend your license on the 1st offense. In order to get your license back you must wait for the suspensions imposed by both the DMV and the court to elapse. You will then be required to comply with the following:

  • Pay a $22 fee for a new license application
  • Pay a $120 fee to have your license reinstated
  • Pay a $35 fee for the Victims Compensation Civil Penalty
  • Retake the written, vision, and possibly the skills tests
  • Have an SR-22 certificate submitted to the DMV by your insurance company for three years

*An SR-22 certificate request may be grounds for having your insurance company drop you as a customer or double or triple your insurance premiums for the three years they are required to file the certificate with the DMV. Insurance companies take drunk driving laws seriously as well.

The DMV-imposed suspension for a DUI lasts 90 days. You may apply after 45 days to have a restricted license for driving to and from work.

In addition to the license revocation and minimum jail time, you will also receive a fine of $400-$1000, be required to attend DUI school at an average cost of $150, and you may be required to attend a program for substance-abuse treatment.

If you receive a 2nd drunk driving conviction less than seven years after your 1st conviction, your license will be revoked for one year and you will not be allowed to apply for a restricted license to drive to work. You will also receive home arrest or a jail sentence of 10 days to six months, a fine of $750-$1000, and 200 hours of community service. You may also have your registration suspended, be under clinical supervision during the year your license is revoked, or ordered to attend a program for substance abuse treatment.

Consequences for a 3rd drunk driving offense under Nevada laws are a three year license revocation, a prison sentence of one to six years, a fine of $2,000-$5,000, and possible suspension of your car registration.

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