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Nevada DUI Defense Attorney

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Nevada has ascending offenses for Driving Under the Influence charges. What this means is that if you get multiple DUIs within seven years of each other, you could be automatically charged with a Felony DUI on your third offense. A Felony DUI in Nevada could lead to substantial jail time, house arrest, and monitoring by the State.

This is why it is essential that you are properly represented, even if it is your first offense. With a first offense there are ways that it could potentially be reduced to a Reckless Driving or even dismissed. Our office has had successful outcomes in both areas.

When getting pulled over here are some very important things to remember:

(1) Stay calm and be polite to the Officer.

(2) Listen carefully to what the Police Officer is asking of you. This is especially important if you are out of the car and the Officer is administering the Field Sobriety Tests. Make sure you follow directions.

(3) If you are arrested for a DUI, do not speak further to the Police and make sure that upon getting released from jail that you immediately call your Attorney.