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Suspension of License: Las Vegas DUI Attorney

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2012 | Uncategorized |

Just getting a DUI charge is bad enough, but here in the State of Nevada you are also hit with an automatic 90 day suspension of your license. It may not happen right away and it may not happen until after your criminal case is resolved but unless your criminal DUI case is completely dismissed you will get your license suspended.

Not even the oldest and best DUI attorneys in Las Vegas can fight this from happening if you have been lawfully arrested for a DUI.

However, you can always appeal the suspension. If you file an appeal with the DMV a Hearing is granted within a few months. At the hearing will be you (or your attorney), the police officer, and the Hearings Master who will make the final decision. Filing an appeal with the DMV will at the very least delay the suspension of your license. However, unless the police officer really messed something up during his arrest there is a very slim chance that this Hearing will be won.

Having said that, our office has successfully won some DMV Hearing Appeals and fought the suspension of the license successfully. But those occasions are rare and circumstances have to be right.

If you cannot win an Appeal the next best step is to wait 45 days and then go into the DMV and request a temporary drivers license. An SR-22 from your Insurance will be required to do this. This temporary license will allow you to either drive to and from work or school.

As always, the best advice to give in DUI situations is Do Not Drink and Drive… But, if you do, make sure you know your rights.